Television Credits

United Kingdom

BBC  Prime time Fridays - 8pm.       

"The Big Catch" 6 x 30 mins. Produced, directed and presented by Liam Dale

                     Locations: France, England, Scotland, Madeira, Egypt and Kazakhstan

Guest appearances: Esther Ranzten Show, Menzone, BBC Countryside Hour etc

DISCOVERY    "Bob Nudd's Right Angle" 6 x 30 mins. Produced and directed by Liam Dale

                            "Fly fishing with Hywel Morgan" 6 x 30 mins. (X 2 series) Produced by Liam Dale

HORSE AND COUNTRY TV (SKY) "Rural Britain - A Novel approach" 6 x 30 mins.

        Produced, directed and presented by Liam Dale

                                   "Bob Nudd on Coarse" 6 x 30 mins. Produced and directed by Liam Dale

* * * * * * *

                                               BBC WORLDWIDE  "The Big Catch". 130 + countries, 60 million plus viewers.

* * * * * * *

Channels worldwide too numerous to list now but countries including: Israel, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, all of Europe

                             "WORLD WAR II - Countdown to Victory" 24 x 56 mins.

100% Archive footage, narrated series

Produced, directed and narrated by Liam Dale

(Repeating currently in UK on yesterday channel (UKTV) Sky 537 Commenced 3/1/17)

Royal Jordanian Airlines, Emirate Airlines,(Don’t you just love the phrase ‘trapped audience’), Thai Airways, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Gibralter, Arabsat, Nilesat, Italy, CIS...  "Literary Landscapes" (Re-titled Rural Britain), "Bob Nudd on Coarse", “Bob Nudd’s Right Angle”.

Worldwide transmissions: "Capital Cities of the world" 22 x 56 mins HD Produced, directed and narrated by Liam Dale

(Multi Language versions)

2016 PORTRAIT OF A CITY 6 x 30 mins HD (Multi Language versions)


On The Rock Trail with Liam Dale 6 x 60 mins

(Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Queen, Led Zeppelin & Ozzy Osbourne/Black Sabbath)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Right, this is where it could get boring! Liam Dale has produced and directed 1,000+ hours of special interest programming over 20 years on video, DVD and BLU RAY presentations, specifically for the sell thru and retail markets. Published in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, USA’ ALL of Europe as well as many titles translated into over 10 different languages; the number of actual discs and tapes easily exceeds 15,000,000 now. (All 50-60mins, many 120mins)

This is just a “subjects” sample list in non alphabetical and no particular order, to show the diversity of Liam Dale hands-on experience at covering a genuinely enormous range of topics. We’ve lost count and details of how many of these have been translated and transmitted around the world. In addition Liam Dale has created in excess of 500 hours of “armchair angling” with virtually every world champion across all genres including 50 + hours with his friend and client 3 x times world champ BOB NUDD MBE. (The King of Coarse)


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Expedition Giant Blue Marlin

Belly Dancing

Tai Chi

Dog Training

King Arthur

Feng Shui

Modern Motorcycles

Trace Your Ancestors

H.G. Wells and the War of the Worlds

Alexander the Great

Lancaster Bombers

TV for "home alone" cats (Huge seller!)

TV for "home alone" dogs (NOT a huge seller!)


Alfred Hitchcock

Land Rovers

Laurel & Hardy

On The Rock Trail

Robin Hood

Cary Grant

Passing your Driving Test

Million Dollar Views

Zen Fountains

The Real Nativity Story

Charles Dickens

C.S. Lewis




Brothers Grimm

History and Art Of Geisha

Making Greetings Cards

Cross Stitch

Great Masterpieces


Space (Quite a “dark” program. ;-)

Getting Started in Poker


Da Vinci


The Story of Tea

The story of Coffee

ABC It’s Easy For Me

123 It’s Easy For Me

Mary Shelley

Bram Stoker


Planning the Perfect wedding

Marie Antoinette

British Trees

Trick or Treat

Scrap Booking





An introduction to Quilting

Volkswagen Beetles

Edgar Allan Poe

Where There’s a Will - Shakespeare

Coping with Lazy & Green Horses

Jumping Clear – Every Time

A Walk in the Woods

At The Seaside

On The Train

Fairy Stories

Nursery Rhymes

On The Farm




War Diaries 1939

War Diaries 1940

War Diaries 1941

War Diaries 1942

War Diaries 1943

War Diaries 1944

War Diaries 1945

Royal Scandals and Conspiracies

Royal Romances

Royal Heritage

D H Lawrence (HD)

Diana, A Princess Remembered

Dublin Through The Ages

London Through The Ages

Play Poker

Classic Helicopters

Catherine Cookson

Scottish Myths and Legends

Easy Yoga

Vintage Motor Cycles

Marie Antoinette

Farm Machinery

Solving the Rubik’s Cube


Wartime Britain

D Day Normandy Invasion

All images, scripting, music and video (except logos) © KBO Media 2017

To SEE and HEAR Liam Dale “at work” please click on the YouTube link above.

JRR Tolkien and birth of Lord of the Rings

Cake Making

Garden Birds

J.K. Rowling & birth of Harry Potter

Bronte Sisters (HD)

Charlie Chaplin

D Day Beaches



Steam Railways

Great British Pubs

Ghosts (HD)

Witches (HD)

Scottish Singalongs

Irish Singalongs

Irish Whiskey

Scotch Whisky

Irish Drinks


Swedish Massage (over 1.7 million youtube)

Indian Head Massage

In Search of Lambretta

In Search of Vespa

Irish Myths and Legends

Jack the Ripper

Jane Austen (HD)

Richard the Lionheart

Badgers in the wild

British countryside and animals


Model Railways

Vintage Cars

My First Puppy

My First Rabbit


Rescue Vehicles


Searching for Santa Claus

Charles Dickens (HD)

Thomas Hardy (HD)

Arthur Conan Doyle -Sherlock Holmes

Over 30 cities around the world (HD)

Combine Harvesters



Game shooting

Clay shooting