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Liam Dale is one of the most ubiquitous voiceover presenters in the world of spoken English language.

With over 15 million DVDs published globally, as well as a constantly growing stream of television programmes that have been transmitted in more than 130 countries, by broadcasters including the BBC, BBC Worldwide, Sky, Discovery etc, he is increasingly emailed by friend and critic alike, who say they can't switch on a hotel TV anywhere in the known universe without hearing his tedious voice!

Additional new contracts in 2016 with airlines around the world showing Liam Dale travel, culture, history and literature programming, have added a new dimension to his viewing and listening numbers with "trapped audience" ratings rapidly gaining in number.

He has a face that is only really suitable for the radio and in the winter months, occasionally looks like a badger’s bottom. A beard can only hide a chin or two. “Thinly” disguised, he lurks in dark corners of studios and voiceover booths, only springing out when a defenceless commissioner or producer walks by.

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